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10 November 2011

Opera Offline Installer

Opera Offline Installer
All given links are direct links from opera's, official website.

Links updated on 13th Dec,2012
Opera 12.11x86exe12.2 MB
Opera 12.11x64exe13.4 MB
Opera 12.11i386rpm12.9 MB
Opera 12.11i386deb12.9 MB
Opera 12.11i386tar.xz12.9 MB
Opera 12.11i386tar.bz215.4 MB
Opera 12.11x86-64rpm13 MB
Opera 12.11amd64deb13 MB
Opera 12.11x86-64tar.xz13 MB
Opera 12.11x86-64tar.bz215.5 MB
Opera 12.11Inteldmg18.2 MB
Opera 12.11x86-64dmg19.3 MB
Opera 12.11i386zip17.9 MB
Windows Mobile
Opera 10 Touchcab5.3 MB
Opera 10 Keypadcab5.3 MB
Symbian S60
Opera Mobile 12sis9.1 MB
Opera Mobile 12apk14 MB
Opera Mobile 12ARM5apk8.2 MB
Opera Mini 6.5apk845 KB
Opera Mobile 11.50 Labsi386rpm11 MB

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